1) Undergarden-Skyline (composed 2008)

– the piano theme is also used as a sample on the track “System of Unlimited Love” on the album “Infinity Pool” (2013) made by the Danish band When Saints Go Machine.

2) Bubbles (composed 2010)

– an orchestra piece with bubbles and singing musicians…

– and a hand hold recording of the piece:




3) Moby Dick – The Great White Whale (composed 2007)

– a musical tale for two accordions based on the story of Moby Dick…-  it all begins on the bottom of the ocean, to the sounds of a slumbering creature…

(The theme of the music is based on the guitar riff from the progressive US band Mastondon’s song Blood and Thunder)


Movements from the piece “LYDEN AF DEN ANDEN SIDE” (composed 2012) (Sound of the Other Side):

1) 1st movement “Around and Around and Around and…”

(schyyy… yes, the music starts molto pianississimo)


2) 2nd movement “Søen” (The Lake)



3) 6th movement “Det indre rum” (The Inner Room)