“Time for Reflection – a climate concert” – a ping pong between words and music about the climate and the Earth’s condition in general…

All music and lyrics by Pernille Sejlund

Watch a climate concert teaser here (live, Copenhagen 2015):




(Released on Gateway Music, September 1st 2014)


11 tracks which in different ways comment on the climate changes. Mix of genres from pop, jazz to avantgarde, often with a meditative approach.

Prologue in the booklet by climate expert and meteorologist Jesper Theilgaard.

The CD is CD of the month on the website of the Danish Society of Musicians, Copenhagen, DMF KBH

Watch the short “behind the scenes” when I made “Time for Reflection” (in Danish).

Filmed, edited and produced by Susanne Thybo:



ARTISTS on the CD:

Vocals: Bonnie Denise Christiansen, Johanna Maj Thorning, Pernille Louise Sejlund, Rebekka Lewin

Harp: Rosamelia Avila Andersen

Flute: Christine Bruun Christiansen

Electronics: Pernille Louise Sejlund

Guest featuring (body percussion): Rune Thorsteinsson

Recordings by Jonas Jensen and Peter Barnow

Mixed by Peter Barnow and Pernille Sejlund

Mastered by Mikkel Gemzøe

Artwork and layout by Gabriela Cieploch

You can hear excerpts of the music on iTunes where you can buy the music including the entire booklet.

You can also buy the CD through Gateway Music


through me by contacting me here

For more information about the project, prices, concert form etc. send a mail via the contact link


 Different possibilities for set-ups in the live version:

1) 4 singers and speach with/out electronics

2) Harp, vocal and speach with/out electronics

3) 4 singers, harp, flute and speach with/out electronics


Musicians and singers involved in the project:

Speaker: Jesper Theilgaard (Meteorologist and climate expert)

Singers: Anja Akselbo, Anne Katrine Rønsholdt, Annemarie Jensen, Bonnie Denise Christiansen, Johanna Maj Thorning, Pernille Louise Sejlund, Rebekka Lewin

Flute: Toril Vik/Christine Christiansen

Harp: Rosamelia Andersen

Electronics (Ableton Live): Pernille Louise Sejlund

Body percussion: Rune Thorsteinsson